A hub for the speculative fiction of Blake Smith.
The serialized story Cracked Stone will be launching here January 2023.

A scratched dark grey robot vacuum sits on dark tile beside a power bar and way too many cords. Cable management appears to have been an afterthought.

[Flash Fiction: speculative, light-hearted. A responsibility-minded house spirit does battle with a useless robot vacuum.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.]

It comes awake again.

The days grow subtly darker each time it does, so its passage back into wakefulness cannot possibly be determined by the motions of the sun. This hateful disk of off-gassing plastic does not respect natural cycles. It doesn’t respect anything.

They think that counting the ticking of the house-clock would help understand this maddening problem, but their house-humans have changed ticking hands on a logical circle to something square that glares out with artificial light. With numbers, they suppose.

Numbers are also on the plate of perverse uncleanliness.

They’ve decided they don’t like numbers.


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